Congratulations to our 2016 Caloundra Music Festival recipients

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Centacare Community Services

Spiral Disability Support Services

Caloundra Community Kindergarten

Allstars Calisthenics Academy

Over the past 11 years many community organisations have raised much needed funds on the back of Caloundra Music Festival.

In 2017 we will continued to support our local and greater community by providing opportunity, support and prizes. Due to the vast amount of requests for support we have created categories for NFPs; community groups / charities, schools and local sporting clubs to apply for the provision of tickets to the 2017 Caloundra Music Festival for fundraising purposes.

While requests may be for a worthy cause, the Caloundra Music Festival must exercise due diligence in the management of its resources and assets and therefore is unable to provide support to all requests received. All requests for support will be assessed on a case by case basis in accordance with assessment criteria.

Applications open annually in conjunction with the ticket release with each application being assessed upon receipt. Please allow 3 weeks processing time at the end of which the charities will be notified accordingly.

There are three categories in which groups may apply for tickets:

  • Charity/Not for profit Community groups
  • Sunshine Coast Schools & Kindergartens
  • Local Sporting Groups

Each category has a number of packages available (indicated above) and successful groups may request a package from the two choices below – there is a limit of one package per group per calendar year:

  • 1 x Season Family pass – 2 Adults, 2 Youth and 2 Children, OR
  • 1 x Season Double Kings Club Pass – 2 Adult Kings Club Tickets

Applications will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Is the applicant a registered Queensland charitable organisation (please provide ACNC number) or a Sunshine Coast school or registered sporting club?
  • Has the group previously received Caloundra Music Festival support?  CMF aims to assist as many groups as possible. Groups who have received support in previous years will be considered, but should not expect exclusivity.
  • The applicant’s description of how support from Caloundra Music Festival will benefit the group.

Conditions of use:

  • As CMF tickets are named they will not be provided to be awarded in hard copy.  Winners names are to be provided to CMF via the groups event organiser and the winners will be emailed their tickets.
  • All competitions and raffles are fair and open to the wider community.
  • Moneys raised are going towards the applying group to use for related purposes.
  • The tickets cannot be on-sold by the applicant or the winner.
  • The tickets will not be used for personal/individual gain and paid staff/committee members are excluded from “winning”

Successful applications will be required to provide:

  • Details of their group’s mission
  • Details of the fund raising event and conditions
  • Logo, photograph (if available) and short description of the group for use in the CMF Program & website
  • Details of recipients (winner) attending the festival – name, email address & phone number