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Vendor Information

In 2017 the Caloundra Music Festival is celebrating it’s 11th year of Sun, Surf & Soul. This year the feature Vendor Zones will be further developed, with an increased focus on how vendors are presented, to enhance the overall offering and appeal of the Caloundra Music Festival.

Each zone will have a different appeal, to both the eyes and the taste buds!  Patrons attending the Festival will experience pop up restaurants, and an amazing variety of Vendors.

Visual appearance will be highly considered in the Vendor selection process and the zone briefs clearly outline what look we are aiming to achieve within each zone. In 2017 there will be increased consideration to Vendors operating out of Food Trucks/Caravans/Trailers due to a variety of favourable factors.

While preference will be given to Sunshine Coast locally operated businesses or Vendors who use local produce, ultimately the selection of vendors is at the sole discretion of the Event Organiser.

Please make a note in your application if you can provide an attractive seating area as an extension of your vending site. Include photos of any seating and/or shade structures. If you are successful in your application the festival may grant you extra space for this addition at no extra cost.

Application Process

The Vendor agrees to complete their vending application online, via the links below.

Please follow the following steps:

Step 1: Read, understand and agree to the Vending Terms & Conditions

Step 2: Read the zone briefs and determine the suitable Vendor Zone you would like to apply for

Step 3: Complete the online application form

Step 4: Ensure you have uploaded all supporting documents or email them to referencing your Stall Name in the email:

  • Photos of your site – recent photos not be more than six months old
  • Diagram of stall – must be drawn to scale and show all back of house requirements, including cold rooms, towbars, stall dimensions, servery side, doors etc
  • Product menus
  • Copy of your current Public Liability Insurance policy
  • Copy of relevant food permit/s from Sunshine Coast Regional Council (please contact Customer Service for more information 07 5475 7272 or visit Sunshine Coast Council Permit webpage
  • WorkCover Insurance Certificate

Please note, due to the anticipated volume of applicants incomplete applications will not be considered.

Stall Fees

Stall fees are based on the size requirements and location of your stall.

Primary Vendor Locations fees & charges;

3m x 3m pop-up Stall or Cart – $997.00 (includes 2 Staff Passes)

6m x 3m pop-up Stall or Food Truck – $1795.00  (includes 3 Staff Passes)

Additional 3m deep back of house space required – $300.00

Cold room space required – $50.00

Customer Seating area in front of or next to your stall (at Event Organiser discretion) – Free of Charge

Premium Vending Locations fees & charges;

3m x 3m pop-up Stall or Cart – $1297.00  (includes 2 Staff Passes)

6m x 3m pop-up Stall or Food Truck – $2334.00  (includes 3 Staff Passes)

Additional 3m deep back of house space required – $300.00

Cold room space required – $50.00

Customer Seating area in front of or next to your stall (required) – Free of Charge

Additional Staff Passes

Limited to purchase 3 additional staff passes at $170.00 per pass if requested by 30th June 2017.

After this date you are required to purchase additional passes via CMF Ticketing agent.

No refunds are given for unused Staff Passes.

Electrical Requirements & Fees

Vendors requiring electricity are required to complete an Electrical Requirements form and will be charged an Electrical Fee based on the amount of power required as follows;

Basic Lighting up to 6 amps $95.00

More than 6 amps less than 30 amps single phase $168.00

More than 30 amps less than 40 amps single phase $273.00

More than 40 amps single phase $546.00

3 phase connection (limited availability) $546.00

All fees and charges are including GST

Vendors are required to provide the maximum consumption of ALL electrical items and assign the appliances to individual 10-amp circuits. All electrical appliances must be in safe working order and have current test tags fitted.

Equipment without a valid tag will not be connected. No generators are to be used.

Vendors must provide their own lights, leads and power boards fitted with circuit breakers.

An audit of your electrical connections will be undertaken to ensure you are not using more than you requested to ensure that the power does not overload and trip. Any unapproved excess use will be charged to you and any damage caused by electrical over-consumption/overload or misuse will attract penalties or forfeiture of bond.

If you need to have your equipment tested and tagged prior to the event please contact our electrician TBA.  Fees and Charges for Testing and tagging are TBA.

Vendor Locations

Vendors will be trading within the Caloundra Music Festival ticketed area. There are three main Vendor Zones and a limited number of premium Vendor locations within the festival that you can apply for. Please read the brief of each zone before deciding which one is most suitable. Vendors may nominate their preferred location however you cannot request a specific vending site within a zone, and allocations will be made at the sole discretion of the Event Organiser.

Approved Vendors may request an onsite meeting with the Event Organiser to view their vending site for the purposes of planning their stall set up, however the Event Organiser is not obliged to modify the location of a Vendors site to suit a Vendors preference.

Vendors are only permitted to set up and trade from their designated vending site.

Trading Hours

Approximate trading hours and may differ for each Vendor location.

The general festival trading hours are:

Friday 30/9/2016  – 12pm to 10pm

Saturday 1/10/2016 – 12pm to 10pm

Sunday 2/10/2016 – 12pm to 10pm

Monday 3/10/2016  – 12pm to 9pm

Anticipated Attendance

Around 9,000 people are projected to attend each day of the festival.  Please note, CMF makes no guarantees as to the crowds that will be in attendance or to the profits you will make at the event.

Cashless Site

 CMF is moving to a 100% cashless site.  Vendors may be required to operate from the Festivals chosen Point of Sale system and accept sales via Eftpos or other cashless technology.

Regardless of whether this technology will be implemented fully in 2017, we are encouraging all Vendors to offer EFTPOS as a payment option as there will be no ATM facilities onsite.

All of our bars, merchandise and customer service outlets will be cashless.

Market Stalls

CMF is constantly reviewing the inclusion of market stalls within the Festival site.  There are a limited number of spaces available in the Funky Forest however preference will be given to stalls that offer an interactive activity for Children.

If you are interested in applying as a market stall please complete the form, however please be aware should there is no gaurentee that we will proceed with Market Stalls.

Funky Forest Stalls & Workshops

The Funky Forest is a mini festival within the festival – a wonderland of fun, creativity and discovery!

Each year we will run a variety of workshops and activities over the four days of Sun, Surf and Soul.

There is limited space available for “market” style stalls but preference is given to stalls/businesses that can offer a free or very low cost interactive activity to children and families during the festival.

If you would like to apply for a stall space please complete the application for and select “Market” as your stall type.  If you wish to be part of the Funky Forest program of activities and Workshops – please email us at

Application’s close 20 May!!!

Vendor Zone Briefs

We are again treating our patrons to a culinary experience at this year’s CMF, as we continue to take festival food to the next level!

Festival patrons will take a food journey over the four days of Sun, Surf & Soul, and by visiting each of the fabulous vendor locations on offer throughout the festival site, they will be delighted with a feast for all their senses.

From Soul Food to Sunshine Boulevard and down to Surf Side each food precinct offers delicious treats and yummy eats.

Caloundra Music Festival 2016


Located above the Soul Stage (main amphitheatre of the festival), the Soul Food zone will be dedicated to food stalls offering Soul Food inspired menus, and are a visually appealing, matching the overall vibe of this area; black/red/white styled Food Trucks and Pop Up Marquee stalls that have a clean and crisp set up.

So what is Soul Food? Think Americana, Jazz and Blues Bars. Think food that is good for the Soul, home cooking like Grandma used to make. The Soul Food movement originates from the Southern United States and features home-style basics like fried chicken, corn on the cob, pork ribs, and pecan pie alongside some Australian soul food inspired options as well.

Up to 9 Stall sites available in Soul Food zone.


Featuring a variety of colourful stalls, alongside the lush rainforest in close proximity to the Sun Stage, Sun Bar and the Funky Forest. Sunshine Boulevard is one of our most popular dining spots and has a family friendly feel about it. Sunshine Boulevard is perfect for the pop up Marquee style stalls that are vibrant and colourful!

Think coffees, desserts, healthy fresh options, juice bars, dumplings and crowd favouries like hot chips and potato slinkies!

Up to 8 stall sites are available in Sunshine Boulevard zone.

Sunshine BVd Web


Located in the Surf Stage precinct of the Festival, the Surf Side zone will pay homage to surf culture on the Sunshine Coast. Surf Side will feature on-trend, unique Food Trucks and Caravans that have a surf/beach look and feel. Think weathered wood, surf boards, old kombis, retro beach colours.

Food variety will consist of stalls serving fresh and healthy options, classic fish, fresh seafood and chips, smoothies and juice bars and asian delights just to name a few.

Up to 6 Stall sites available in Surf Side zone.


There are a small number of premium locations located around the festival site. These positions are highly sought after due to their location, foot traffic and potential.

We are looking for motivated Vendors that will see the opportunity and create more than just a vending location. Think pop up café or restaurant, catered chill out zone… a space within a space!

In your application you must provide visual drawings and photos of your proposed stall site, what you will offer and how it will be a valuable addition to the festival.

Caloundra Music Festival 2016