Road Closure Information

Roads will be closed around the festival precinct to ensure the safety of visitors and to ensure local residents do not have their driveways and streets overrun. All residents and hotel guests are given passes that allow access to their properties. The pass does not guarantee you will get a park, it just allows you the normal access you would have any other day. These passes will be sent out two weeks prior to the Festival.

Road Closure information as follows

Key dates

Monday 26 Sept – Friday 7 Oct Edmund Street cul-de-sac

Tuesday 27 Sept – Thursday 6 Oct Burgess Street will be partially closed (one way).

Tuesday 27 Sept – Wednesday 5 Oct De Vene Ave will be closed

Thursday 29 Sept – Tuesday 4 Oct Ormond Terrace will be closed during site and festival operations will be reopened each night after operations have ceased

Friday 30 Sept – Monday 3 Oct (Festival Hours) Part of Arthur Street

Part of Ormonde Terrace

Part of Edmund Street

Orvieto Avenue

Princess Lane

Albert Street Service Road

SPECIAL NOTE – Festival days – 20 minutes prior to festival finish until 10.30pm, vehicle access to Moreton Parade and Edmund Street corner will be restricted to taxi and shuttle buses only to ensure the safety of patrons at egress. See maps below.