Payment Plans Open in May 2017

Although CMF tickets are fantastic value, we understand that cash flow can sometimes be an issue. The good news is from Friday 12 May 2017 to Friday 21 July 2017 you can purchase your tickets via the CMF Payment Plan!

The Payment Plan works essentially like a LAYBY. When you sign up to the Payment Plan the first installment is charged immediately. The subsequent payments will be automatically charged every Friday on a weekly basis. The final payment will occur on Friday 25 August 2017. Please read through the Payment Plan Terms and Conditions (link below) for more information.

Click here to read the CMF Terms and Conditions.

Ticket Type  Payment Plan* Early Bird Price
WEEKEND Kings Club $384
(Friday-Sunday) Adult $214
Youth (13-17yrs) $160
Pension card-holder $160
Child (1-12yrs) $21
SEASON Kings Club $404
(Friday-Monday) Adult $234
Youth (13-17yrs) $175
Pension card-holder $175
 Child (1-12yrs) $21


*Includes the standard booking fee of $3 per ticket. Please note a one-off Payment Plan fee of $15 will be added to the first payment to cover additional merchant fees and administration costs.

Caloundra Music Festival Payment Plan Terms and Conditions

  • By purchasing tickets under the CMF Payment Plan, you authorise Caloundra Music Festival’s authorised ticket provider, to arrange a transfer of funds from your nominated credit card in amounts and at intervals as advised.
  • Weekly payments will be deducted in equal instalments between 1.00am – 4.00am Friday morning (or next business day) via a nominated VISA Credit, VISA Debit Card, MasterCard Credit or MasterCard Debit only. The first instalment is charged immediately.
  • If a Payment Plan is entered into between midnight Monday and 4am Friday the next instalment will be scheduled for the following week.
  • Payment amount is dependent upon the date the Payment Plan is entered into and total ticket spend. Final instalment will be deducted on Friday 26 August 2016.
  • A one-off Payment Plan fee of $15 will be added to the first installment to cover additional merchant fees and administration costs.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that:
    • The card expiry date is September 2016 or beyond.The card details you provide are correct, including notification should the details change for some unforeseen reason within the payment period.
    • You have sufficient funds available on your nominated credit/debit card on the scheduled installment date.
  • All fees are non-refundable.
  • Only Weekend and Season tickets may be purchased via the Payment Plan.
  • The Payment Plan is only available until 10pm Friday 29 July 2016.
  • All instalments must be finalised by Friday 26 August 2016.
  • If your card is declined, our ticket provider will contact you requesting immediate payment. Any fees levied to you by your financial institution will be payable by you.
  • Payments that decline will be recharged with an additional processing fee of $5.
  • Our ticket provider may suspend or cancel your Payment Plan, if on two consecutive occasions your installment is declined. We will notify you if we suspend or cancel your Payment Plan. 80% of the payments made to date, excluding all fees, will be refunded. Your Payment Plan can be reinstated upon payment of overdue amounts and resumption of regular debits. This will incur a $10 fee.
  • If your Payment Plan is cancelled by you for any reason, prior to Friday 26 August 2016, 80% of the payments made, excluding fees, will be refunded.
  • You will receive a receipt for your first payment as confirmation that your payment plan has been received. A final receipt and your tickets will be issued when the last payment is processed on Friday 26 August 2016.
  • All tickets purchased through the Payment Plan are subject to the standard Ticket Terms and Conditions.
  • If you believe that a payment has been deducted incorrectly, please email