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Caravãna Sun

Caravãna Sun

Based and inspired by the Cronulla coastline (Sydney, Australia) Caravãna Sun is a frenetic fusion of gypsy fuelled ska surf rock.

Since 2009, Caravãna Sun has earned a reputation on the International tour circuit for energy packed, personality filled live shows. Harmonising natural soulful lyrics with bouncing “gypsy ska” grooves, they’ve introduced even the most conservative crowds to the dance floor.

Caravãna Sun launched their debut album Rising Falling at Bondi’s infamous Beach Road Hotel in October 2011. The independent release featuring single ‘Feel Better’ has been continuously spun over Triple J, FBi, ABC and local community stations throughout Australia and stations abroad including the BBC.

Their late 2012 release, “The Bottle” is bursting with vitality and certainly packs a punch.  Following the launch of the film clip, dance floors were set alight on their subsequent tour.  “The Bottle” is very much a bridging track graduating from their debut album Rising Falling. Their second album, AYA was recorded in an old water tank, come studio nestled in the Gold Coast hinterland and is slatted for release at the end of 2013 featuring new single ‘Give Me Grace’ & ‘Jackal In The Night’.

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