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King Social

King Social

Like a Piña Colada served in a flat brim with a side of steak and chips, King Social is at once refreshing and satiating. An eclectic Aussie five-piece, the group fuses hip-hop and soul with a bevy of other genres (and tight jeans) to defy musical convention and transcend the bounds of any singular genre.
In August 2017, the King Social lads will return to the road and the stage for their In Colour  our, before unleashing their debut album of the same name on the world on 3 September. Claiming the title of Australia’s highestever crowd-funded debut it’s fair to say this one is as hotly anticipated as a mango in September.
Formed in 2013, the unlikely mates at the heart of King Social look like the stragglers at the shittiest ever UNConvention – there’s an ocker cowboy, a Greek hippy, a rapping Scottish/Aboriginal, a Fijian with an infectious smile, and a lead guitarist with no particular racial skew, but questionable dress sense.
Together they create a sound best described as “city meets country” –an edgy and endearing blend of old and new (like seeing your Grandma in jeggings, only notsooff-putting).
Performing with gusto and passion, King Social has amassed a cult following in its home stomping ground of North Queensland that is quickly catching across Australia and beyond. This fire was fanned in 2016 by a successful stint on Australia’s Got Talent, where the lads finished in the final five and netted thousands of new fans across the country and overseas. Their live shows have been described as “electrifying” and “completely addictive”; and, like a siren’s song, frequently draw crowds in the thousands to be swept up in the good-time vibes that seep from King Social.
From the first song they’ll win you over with a masterful mix of urban rock and hip hop, while still paying homage to their country roots.
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