Volunteer Applications are now CLOSED!

Volunteers play a key role in the success of the Caloundra Music Festival – they help to ensure it is a safe and enjoyable event for festival patrons and performers.  Becoming a CMF Vollie means becoming part of a community. The following information will give you an idea of what to expect for 2017.

Volunteer FAQ’s 2017

Be sure to see responses to frequently asked questions below.

What's next?

14th – 24th August : Email Volunteer Team Allocations

20th September  : Volunteer Induction

What is involved?

Volunteers are required to work approximately 14-30 hours before, during or after the festival – the number of hours required vary from role to role.

By completing the application form you agree to commit to and work as per your allocated roster. If you are not prepared to work the minimum number of hours required please do not apply.

You will also be required to attend the Volunteer Induction scheduled for Wednesday 20th September – from 5.00pm.

You may also be asked to attend additional training, if required by your Event Supervisor.

Volunteer Rewards

Your efforts will not go unnoticed and if you fulfill your agreement – the rewards are bountiful!

    • A season festival pass; this will gives you access to all general ticketed venues and performances (not Kings Club). This allows you to carry out your volunteer responsibilities and enjoy the festival in your free time.
    • An official limited edition Caloundra Music Festival Volunteer t-shirt
    • Whilst on shift, during the festival, we will keep you hydrated and fed. Returning volunteers can vouch for the fact that we love our volunteers and we go all out to look after you!
    • Discounted camping at the Caloundra Primary School.  There are a limited number of spots available and details will be sent out after your rosters have be completed.
    • VIP Invitation to the official after party.
    • A certificate of appreciation for your efforts can be issued on request.
    • Also included for free is that warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing you have been a part of something spectacular!

How many volunteers are needed?

We need LOTS of volunteers to ensure the festival runs smoothly and patrons have the best experience possible and we are lucky that we do get an overwhelming number of applications each year. Last year we had 550+ volunteers work over the 3 weeks from site build to pack down!

It is important that you provide comprehensive details in your application and you show good availability times in order for us to be able to work with you.

Preference will be given to previous volunteers who have proven their value at past festivals. We will also look highly upon those who are most flexible and are happy to work whenever, with whomever and doing whatever is required!

Any applications that are not successful initially will be placed in a waiting list for opportunities that may arise closer to the event.

If you do not think that you can commit to working the minimum hours required for your role then this opportunity may not be for you.

We also need lots of people to help Tuesday and Wednesday post festival to help clean up the site. We often struggle to find volunteers for this role so if you are available to help here let us know!  Approved pack-up Vollies receive a 1 day pass for the next festival for 1 day pack up or a season pass the next festival for 2 days of pack up!

How to apply?

Applications are now closed and will re-open again Monday 2 July 2018!

You can access the application form from your phone but it works best using a computer/laptop and Google Chrome!

Make sure you read all the relevant information and make sure that you have checked your calendar to make sure you are available.

STUDENTS please check your study commitments for this period – we get a number of people drop out in the weeks and days leading up to the event as they have “unexpected” study commitments.

Each team within the festival has a number of volunteer positions available. We suggest you read all of the Available Position descriptions prior to starting the application form, to make sure you understand what is required in each area and to make sure we can match up the best roles to the best people.

We encourage people to try new things and learn new skills however some positions may require specific skills and experience.

If you have any questions about a specific role do not hesitate to email us at; [email protected] and put “Volunteer Question” in the subject heading and our Vollie’s Manager will get back to you.

Please ensure you complete all sections of the application form – as we get an overwhelming number of applications, this will save time in the future!

How to stand out

If you want to stand out above the rest be sure to note the following where it applies;

    • If you are willing to be assigned to any task
    • If you are willing to work any/all hours during the weekend
    • If you are available pre & post festival
    • If you don’t mind working late or starting early
    • If you don’t care about seeing the big headline artists
    • If you are interested in working additional shifts to the minimum required hours.
    • If you have special skills or experience that will be useful in any of the roles
    • Think about your interests and what you are good at – but leave your options open, as there are lots of positions to be filled over the festival period.

I have applied, what happens next?

We will go through each application as they arrive and do our best to let you know, as soon as possible, whether you have made the team or not.

Please do not send us a gazillion emails asking if you made the team or to ask unnecessary questions – try reading the FAQ page to find out your info before sending an email!

Everyone should receive an email letting you know whether you made the team by mid-august.  If you have not heard by the end of August send us an email to follow up.

If you are selected to join our amazing team you will have a couple of weeks to clarify any necessary information and make updates to your availability.

We understand that sometime life gets in the way of good things and from time to time people need to withdraw their application, it would be appreciated if you could make your decision BEFORE 14th August when we get started on the rostering process as after that it really makes our job super tricky!

Other queries

Please email Beth our Volunteers Manager at [email protected]