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All Strings Attached

All Strings Attached

Like a bastard child spawned during a night of mostly consensual passion between a pirate and a gypsy, ALL STRINGS ATTACHED have their feet planted firmly in several musical worlds. Not brutal enough for the metal kids, yet too raucous for the folk music set – the band lives somewhere in the murky fringes. Dwelling in musical no-man’s land enables ASA to crafttogether numerous unlikely folk music traditions and blend them with a spicy melange of punk, polka, prog and a dash of pirate-metal.

The ALL STRINGS ATTACHED live performances are renowned for their ability to lead the audience on a merry dance of high energy mayhem and have reaped a reputation for causing an aftermath of ecstatic exhaustion. The band are rapidly becoming a favourite within the Australian music festival circuit and have performed at notable gatherings such as Woodford Folk Festival, The National Folk Festival, Concrete Jungle Festival, Palm Creek Folk Festival, Nimbin MardiGrass, Wintermoon Festival, Caloundra Music Festival, Maleny Music Festival, Home Festival and many more.


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