Andrea Kirwin

Townsville, QLD
Andrea Kirwin is a singer-songwriter that hails from Townsville, QLD. The daughter of a Fijian Church Minister, Andrea’s earliest musical memories was sitting around having Family church with her siblings singing in three part harmonies. In the late 90’s Andrea discovered her older brother’s 90s r&b and hip hop cd collection and utilized her classical piano lessons by teaching herself how to sing and play along to songs that she loved. But it wasn’t until attending University in Canberra at 21 years of age that Andrea received the gift of a guitar from a friend and thought she’d give songwriting a go. She formed ‘The Andi and George Band’, with a friend (George) and released 4 Albums, performing around Canberra regularly and playing at Folk Festivals, Australia-wide.

In 2009 Andrea embarked on her solo career and picked up a job songwriting at a local music school in Bega, NSW where she lived from 2009 – 2012. Andrea continued to perform at Festivals under her own name with a band of friends. In 2012 Andrea made the move with her family to the Sunshine Coast and things started to really take off. She recorded her debut Album, ‘From the Ground Up’, which she released on her own independent record label ‘Peace Run Records’. The album draws on her gospel roots, hiphop teen years and folk and reggae influences from her days with the Andi and George Band in Canberra. Over 1500 copies of the debut Album have been sold in 2 years. Andrea’s folk-infused chilled island style has found it’s home in the musical community on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Her second Album, ‘The Story of Us’, is set for release on Friday 2 October, 2015 and will be another beautifully crafted Album. It can best be described as a sweet blend of Hip-hop, Reggae and Soul with an Island Style Roll. Andrea and her band will be touring Australia-wide from October to December 2015.

Andrea By The Waves

Andrea Kirwin

Andrea Kirwin is an Aussie/Fijian singer songwriter that weaves beautiful melodies and lyrics together to create original music from the heart. Having picked up a guitar at age 21, Andrea has performed at some of Australia’s biggest Folk Festivals with the Andi and George band and has recently released her debut Album, ‘From the Ground Up’.

Now based in Pomona on the Sunshine Coast with her family Andrea has written a swag of new chilled out soulful tunes that are effortlessly delivered by this local songbird. Melting her various musical influences (gospel roots, hiphop/r&b days growing up in Townsville and folk-sensibilities picked up from Uni days in Canberra) Andrea has crafted her own unique songwriting style that travels across many genres and creates a mesmerising tapestry of sound, stories and reflections from her personal experiences of love, life and everything in between.