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Andrew Morris

Andrew Morris

Sometimes an artist's creative evolution can be painstaking and protracted, a process whereby a subtle transformation occurs over a long period of time and which can be difficult to pick up for the casual observer.

At the opposite end of the spectrum such artistic change can often prove to be swift, with a massive artistic leap being made in between two projects which are linked chronologically, but which prove to be miles apart from each other in a stylistic sense. Musically Morris has progressed substantially – he did, after all, tour the world last year as lead guitarist in the band which was assembled to back Bernard Fanning's phenomenally successful Tea & Sympathy solo project – but it's in the songwriting stakes where he's made the biggest artistic strides. Morris fleshes out his dusty Australiana with some more personal reflections and abstract political commentaries, making Union Bars his strongest lyrical achievement to date to complement the new musical direction.

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