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Ash Grunwald

Ash Grunwald

Ash’s friendship with Scott Owen – world-renowned bass-straddler for The Living End – developed quickly around the coal pit in Ash’s backyard over many a soy sausage and a surf report. The two gent’s wives would form their band Mr Cassidy and soon enough, the lads themselves, would stand side by side on the stage as well. And as things tend to do, one thing led to another, and soon The Living End’s drummer Andy Strachan would take to the road with Ash too, playing a handful of highly-received festival shows to Melbourne and Perth punters, who were delighted and shocked to see the coming together of these seemingly unlikely three.

And if it weren’t already unexpected enough…after a couple of rocking shows, Ash and his unforeseen band comprising two of Australia’s most successful, rock musicians would end up in a studio together recording live to tape, the heaviest, banging-est version of Gnarls Barkley’s ‘Crazy’, known to man. Which of course, they would. 

Check ‘em all out in the film clip:

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