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Asher Chapman

Asher Chapman

Asher Chapman, a name to look out for around the sunshine coast in the coming months. With his reggae rhythms and gripping lyrics, Asher has recently been stirring a bunch of interest wherever he plays.

Bitten by the travel bug from an early age, Asher has been all over the world and back, flying to Fiji, Bali, Sri-Lanka, Thailand, Africa and hopping amongst the outer Islands of Vanuatu, with just a backpack and a guitar. He draws influence from the local music of the places he visits.                           

Moving to the pacific islands of Vanuatu in September 2007 at just 14 years old, Asher developed a love for the Island culture and most of all the music that is blasted at you from every corner shop, bus and market house –Reggae. He became well known around Port Vila playing in one of Vanuatu’s biggest bands “Young Life.” They won competitions, rocked international festivals, in the islands, New Caledonia and Africa, as well as recorded an album.

Now back on the coast at 19, Asher has just finish recording his debut EP entitled “Calm Down” and is already writing for the next one. Look out for him at Solbar, Alex Bar and Grill and local festivals around the coast. We expect big things from this guy in the future. Remember the Name.

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