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AYLA’s single ‘Wish I Was’ has been added to full rotation on Triple J radio and the video clip has been played on RAGE as well as having reached almost 30,000 views on YouTube since April.   Established eighteen-year-old singer songwriter Ayla draws inspiration from Ella Fitzgerald through to Joni Mitchell.  She pens meaningful lyrics and sings with pure, warm tones. 

Ayla has jazzy qualities to her voice, though her lyrics are acoustic/pop derived.  This original meld of genres, as well as Ayla’s distinctive voice, often prompts listeners to comment on the uniqueness of her style.

Dom Alessio – triple J radio host – reviewed AYLA’s single Wish I Was on her unearthed profile, saying “A stellar first offering. It’s a catchy and wonderfully layered pop tune.” AYLA hopes for more great things to come from Wish I Was and into the future with a second single ready for release later this year.

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