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Babylon Circus

Babylon Circus

Used to set the stage on fire all around the world, The most explosive live band ever is back with a brand new album and brand new show

From Paris to Damas, from New York to Moscow, they toured the world several times, with more than 1500 concerts in 30 countries. The 9-piece big band is back in the country with their ska, gypsy, rock, vaudevillian antics, dancehall & reggae music. Singing in French and English and mixing some raucous punk and swing into their epic sound, this energetic and theatrical group never fails to get people up and dancing – sometimes even on the stage.

“These guys had the entire crowd on their feet, jumping, moshing, singing and grooving like crazy in one of the most mad and enjoyable crowd frenzies I’ve ever experienced. They were truly amazing.” (Rip It Up)

The band dates back to high school, when singer and guitarist David Baruchel teamed up with drummer Manuel Nectoux. The pair moved to Lyon, surrounded by music and sharing their love of greats like The Specials, The Clash, Bob Marley and Serge Gainsbourg.

When David and Manu discussed what this new album should be about, they soon decided on the theme of change: from your thirties to your forties; from community life to living as a couple or on your own; from prolonged adolescence to fatherhood; from accident to recovery; from the pure and simple protest of punk to the powerful lyrics of rock.

And that’s the thrilling high-wire act Babylon Circus performs so well – somehow combing rock, their first musical love, with a French brand of reggae, the natural heir to ska, skank rock and rocksteady. That’s also one of the reasons for their phenomenal success, because they represent a kind of link between generations.

The band is now back to full strength and indeed sounds absolutely unstoppable. Everyone is writing and performing better than ever, along with special guests including Leeroy (ex-Saïan Supa Crew) and Polo, the tireless singer with the wonderful Satellites from 1985 to 1993.

Another chapter in a story of lasting friendship – one that never stops.

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