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Ball Park Music

Ball Park Music

About five or so minutes into Ball Park Music’s debut album you get as crystal clear an insight into this band as you could want. As Sam Cromack sings the line “It’s Nice To Be Alive” in that trademark laid-back melodic delivery of his, you know he means it.

And why shouldn’t he feel that way? Over the past couple of years the Brisbane six-piece has emerged seemingly out of nowhere to become not just one of the city’s, but the country’s stand out new bands.

There’s been the run of brilliantly clever singles, the infectiously energetic live shows, and now Ball Park Music have delivered in spades with their debut album – Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs.

No one is probably more surprised by all this than the band. As Cromack freely admits, Ball Park Music was something of a happy accident. Literally thrown together in a university classroom, the band’s members never expected to be making music together – there was no plan.  But somehow it’s worked…and then some.

Like their songs, life for Ball Park Music is about to be anything other than dull.  


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