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Belle Roscoe

Belle Roscoe

With their new wave indie pop sound this Independent and International band, hailing from Melbourne has been building a solid underground fan base in Europe and Australia for the past 5 years and are now set to hit the USA and Canada having just been invited to showcase at The Canada Music Festival in 2015.

Led by siblings Matt and Julia Gurry, Belle Roscoe spent 5 years in Europe defining their sound, collaborating with European musicians and producing the second album “Boom Boom” with renowned DJ producer Luuk Cox (Shameboy, Girls in Hawaii, Stromae & MLCD). “Boom Boom” is currently being released in Australia and is scheduled for its European launch and album tour in September 2014.

Production for album 3, again with Cox, is also underway. The band recently spent time in ICP Studios in Brussels and attracted musical performances from some of the best European musicians including keyboardist Francois Gustin (Girls in Hawaii), Arnout Hellofs (Hooverphonics), Mirko Banovic (Arsenal) and Emmanuel Delacourt (MLCD). The sound marries the refreshingly cool and epic indie melodies of the Melbourne siblings with the underground contemporary electronic world of Luuk Cox.

Belle Roscoe represent the revival of true indie bands that are not afraid to push their sound and performance to new levels of respect.

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