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Bellydance Sunshine Coast

Bellydance Sunshine Coast

An ancient form of dance with a modern twist, Bellydance Sunshine Coast welcomes women into a space that celebrates bellydance in all it’s shapes and forms, be it for fun, fitness or a desire to reconnect to our feminine self. The classes are designed to stimulate mind, body and spirit. Through drills and choreographies we exercise our memory and coordination. Improving flexibility of joints and muscles, strengthening core, abdominals, toning stomach and arms as well as overall posture alignment.

As we move through each movement, we awaken our hips and pelvis, encouraging a flow of energy to areas targeted in the modern world with shame and sensitivity. Finally training our ears to feel the music and improvise with the dance! Bellydance Sunshine Coast offers weekly classes from Maroochydore to Maleny that focus on awakening the Bellydancer that lays dormant within us all!


Friday 4 Oct : 2pm

Saturday 5 Oct : 12.15pm




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