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Beverly Thrills

Beverly Thrills

Having a surfing disco-diggin’ drummer for a Father, Thrills has grown up on the Sunshine Coast around all sorts of wonderful percussive music including the likes of Earth Wind & Fire, The Fugees, Directions in Groove, Harry Connick Jr., Portishead.

Thrills likes to hone in on how the vocals compliment (and in some cases completely take over) songs. She never goes a gig without her vocal loop pedal which she inputs harmonies, beat boxing, a casual shaker or tambourine and multi layered melodies. Her live shows are never the same with different looping harmonies, raps and layered beats each time.

Being a lover of Soul, RnB and funk music, Beverly Thrills engages percussive melody lines, gutsy high vocal notes and draws inspiration from a range of funkalicious talents including; Janelle Monae, Nelly Furtado, Harts, Outkast & Missy Elliott.

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