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Black Rabbit George

Black Rabbit George


Black Rabbit George is a new incarnation for Tijuana Cartel’s guitarist/singer/songwriter Paul George. It’s an opportunity for Paul to further explore the acoustic guitar that is at the heart of Tijuana Cartel and to pursue his long-time interest in folk and roots music. From the wellspring of childish fantasy and a lifetime of musical evolution emerges the Black Rabbit.

This is the story-telling talent of Paul A George, the musician whose guitar drives the unique sounds of Tijuana Cartel, one of the tightest and most sought-after bands on the Australian festival circuit.  If Tijuana Cartel ever lacked anything for its guitarist and vocalist, then it was the open door to a subconscious demand to tell stories – any stories – with the strings of a guitar and the words of a born storyteller. Black Rabbit George is the culmination of a need that could not be
resisted forever.

“Tijuana Cartel remains a core driving force in my life and I’d neverwant to leave it behind,” says the Black Rabbit. “But at the same time I want to follow a path that embraces the great loves in my life: my guitar and the wealth of stories that life simply places in your way.”
Indeed, the Black Rabbit’s first solo track, Muse, is a melodic and emotional ode to his first great love: his guitar.