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Blue Shaddy

Blue Shaddy

Australian Blues/ Roots/ Country band ‘Blue Shaddy’ are a band with connections, given that founding members, Jim McClelland, (guitarist singer/songwriter) Graham (Belly) McClelland (harmonica) and Sandy McClelland ( bass guitarist) are family.

Born and bred in the Western Australian town of Kellerberrin these three have not lost that rustic, relaxed country charm that has endeared them to so many. Known for their infectious amalgam of blues /roots, come country played with an energetic physical presence and power that leaves you with a broad smile and a new found energy.

‘Blue Shaddy’s musical path was inevitable with brothers Jim and Belly sharing a small house on the family farm, and with television baned from the house, considered poison for the brain these two would sit at the kitchen table and trade Hound Dog Taylor and Sonnie and Brownie licks nightly for months on end. A meeting soon after with like-minded, and also musically spirited ‘Sandy Naughton’ found her also sitting at that same table going through what was to become the Blue Shaddy apprenticeship. Some 19 years later, Jim and Sandy have now married and along with Belly have maintained a passionate and unwavering commitment to their music, forging their way on festival circuit and gaining fans far and wide.

With these three as the driving force behind ‘Blue Shaddy’, a band is still not totally complete without a drummer.

Having had the pleasure over the years of playing with some of Australia’s finest skin men, ‘Dean Wuksta’, Chris Oldman, Conrad Parker, Rick Eastman, and Arun Satgunasingam ‘Blue Shaddy’ now joined forces with newest recruit, Callum Kramer.

Kramer also being a long term friend of the band played his first gig with ‘Blue Shaddy’ at 9 years of age, when the drummer at the time had turned up late. Kramer with wooden spoons for sticks and a bucket load of raw talent, filled in for the first set and the ‘Blue Shaddy’ team knew they had just found their 4th wheel.

With Kramer’s skin work now being described as, a young ‘Ginger Baker’ combined with Sandy’s rock solid commitment to holding down groove these two have moulded a tangible chemistry, allowing Jim and Belly the freedom to once again trade those licks and bring together their raw exuberance and understanding of each other’s musical talents.

‘The result is a whirlpool of foot stomping infectious energy.’

‘Blue Shaddy’ have just released their 4th album ‘Across the Road’, an impressive batch of songs conveying strong expression of life in the moment. Diving deeper into the explorations of family / self and relationships, Jim returns to the electric guitar for a number of songs and some very tasty slide playing throughout the album which leaves you with a strong sense that ‘Blue Shaddy’ have returned to their roots, but this time in a more mature and comfortable place with their songwriting.


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