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Kindread are a unique group that have created a new sounding hybrid performance that combines a funky acoustic fusion of contemporised dub sounds crossed with percussion driven tribal beats layered on a bed of electronic ambiance, captivating harmonies and catchy…

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Spacifix musical style is a unique fusion of rock, reggae, soul, funk and pop, which they label as their own style 'world fresh'. Their songs are filled with soulful harmonies, catchy tunes and are performed with an energy and excitement…

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Blind Lemon

Blind Lemon has evolved from hardworking journeymen to one of SE Qld’s most respected acts. The fluid and funky Blind Lemon engine room has established an enviable platform for the twin peaks of singer/dynamic harp player Jamie Symons and Strat-wrangler…

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Sunshine coast surfer, songwriter and musician Mark Pico is no recent arrival on the Australian music scene. Within surfing ranks, Pico is referred to as 'the sound of surf movie soundtracks' and boasts a significant following within the surf music…

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When Stu Boga Fergie was only a child, his Yakin Andu elders gifted him with the nickname DidgeriStu, a nod to his prodigious skills on the didgeridoo.  They must have the gift of foresight.  Now, DidgeriStu is all grown up,…

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Andrew Morris

Sometimes an artist's creative evolution can be painstaking and protracted, a process whereby a subtle transformation occurs over a long period of time and which can be difficult to pick up for the casual observer.At the opposite end of the…

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The Wilson Pickers

An all-star interstate musical collaboration, The Wilson Pickers are better known as Queenslanders Danny Widdicombe, Ben Salter, Andrew Morris, and Victorians Sime Nugent and John Bedggood.The Wilson Pickers formed after a crazy idea of uniting some Queenslanders with some Victorians…

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