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Hayden Hack

Hailing from the liberated musical landscape of modern South Africa, Hayden Hack left his homeland some 10 years ago to travel the world and develop his craft and songwriting skills. Playing his own brand of funky afro-inspired journeyman music in…

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#THUMP (a term coined by the originator of slap 'thump' bass - Larry Graham 'Central Station') are a vintage stock modern young blood Funk & Soul band featuring some of the finest groove musicians on the Sunshine Coast. Feel good…

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“Barefoot and lucid. Cups of tea before dawn. A pair of identical red guitars are resting on a pile of tulle and silk and white cotton in the background, while Lydia Fairhall (vox/guitar) reaches for the mic and tells the…

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Matt Stillert

With a raw, dynamic style of alternative blues/roots music, Matt Stillert is an original artist not to be missed. The high energy of his live show guarantees to captivate. His raw sound is an onslaught of wailing vocals, slide guitar,…

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The Timbers

THE TIMBERS’ thumping rhythms and big misty mountain melodies will cast you away to the sweaty, smoky, melting-pot of roots, folk, and brassy bushman punk. Their explosive start in the Adelaide music scene is worthy recognition of this bands ability…

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Zac Gunthorpe

Have you heard? The Laurel Canyon sound is back! No, it’s true! In California, there are all manner of lank-haired, trust-fund youngsters brandishing exquisite vintage equipment and worshipping at the alter of Buffalo Springfield/CSN/Byrds, et al. And they’re making money,…

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Emily Wenham

Emily Wenham and her band are a funky, folk-driven acoustic celebration reflecting the sounds of love, lust, life, and the deep yearnings of the spirit!  Singer-songwriter Emily's music is a tasty blend of acoustic-folk-funk with a rhythmical edge.  Her earthy,…

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Emerging from the Australian roots scene, Youngtree are pushing the boundaries with their original ‘progressive reggae’ sound. Weaving strands of jazz, psychedelic rock and dub with classic roots, the band from Queensland, Australia, deliver a strong conscious message. The music…

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