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Ukulele Blitzkrieg

Residing in Cairns in FNQ, The Montgomery Brothers are something very special. Led by Ukulele & Guitar virtuoso, 20 year old Ryo Montgomery accompanied by this bunch of school kids….yes, school kids play with a maturity that is usually associated with artists who have decades of experience. This will simply leave you breathless… a must see. The Montgomery Brothers are an exciting, frightening, gorgeous Blues Band. Exciting, because they hold an audience in the palm of their hand. Frightening, because three of them are 16 and one them 20, and they must be gorgeous because the audience stands transfixed as they perform on stage. Ryo Montgomery the 20 year old leader of the band comes from Cairns and spent much of his early life haunting the back stage area of Johno’s Blues Bar listing to and learning from the best international acts in the business. He has spent most of the past year as a headline artist at festivals in California, Hawaii, Korea and Japan. He is known around the World as a virtuoso Ukulele player and fingerpicking Guitarist. Since his childhood he has developed a deep love for the Blues and guides his band through a succulent, and fiery show that is hard to top.
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The Perries

The Perries are a five piece band from the Sunny Coast trying to put a groove in your step and have a good time doing it. They’re reggae rock and roll fusion sourced from many inspirations such as The Cat Empire, Saskwatch, Caravana Sun and many more and its clearly evident in the flowing horn lines and groovy melodies performed from this young group. With many years ahead of them this band has their eyes set for big things.
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Stomping Ivories

300 Hit songs from Gershwin to Ga Ga. Two world class pianist/singers and a swingin' drummer who all sing up a storm, picking tunes ranging across 8 decades of popular music... Touring Australia with 2 baby grand pianos and drumkit these international performers have recording and stage credits with artists including Keith Urban, INXS, Lou Rawls, Slim Dusty, Guy Sebastian and more. "this show never fails to excite audiences of all ages!"
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The AKHoustics

The AKhoustics’ act involves a rotation of multiple instruments which include Dual Piano, Violin, Bass Guitar, Stomp box and two part harmony Vocals. With their subtle influences of Jazz and Funk they get the crowd either up out of their seats or just tapping their feet along to the smooth sounds created. Members Damian and Daniel have both been playing music for more than 10 Years. They both have a passion and love for music and are open to everything and anything that helps others enjoy and grow from music same as they did and are still. Akhoustics' act involves a rotation of multiple instruments which include Piano, Violin, Bass Guitar and 2 Part harmony Vocals. Akhoustics have been playing around the Sunshine Coast since early 2013 and are growing and taking on the Journey of Music which is not coming to an end anytime soon. Keep an Eye and an Ear out for these brothers.
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Michael Backhouse

Michael Backhouse is a singer/songwriter/guitarist and is based at the Sunshine Coast, Australia. He started writing his own songs in the late nineties and now has a large repertoire of acoustic based songs, which have a pop/rock influence. He aims to write catchy concise songs with a pop sensibility that people can get into, even if they are unfamiliar with them. Michael secured a top ten place for his song ‘In the Pale Moonlight’ in the ‘Coffee House’ category of the Australian Songwriters’ Association National Songwriting Contest 2003. Since that time he has written numerous songs and enjoys playing them for audiences. He has done many acoustic solo performances at music venues in Canberra and now at the Sunshine Coast. Michael continues to write and perform his songs, with the aim of bringing them to a wider audience. He is currently working on his first CD of original material.
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Tim started playing the guitar when he was 7. He has since developed into a talented guitarist with great natural vocals. Sam started playing the drums and percussion when he was 5. He also has great vocals and together they do amazing harmonies. Tim has written a number of original songs, including ‘Where Am I’, ‘Start Again, 'Young Love' and 'Waiting' and continues to add to his collection of originals. The boys have written songs with musician Paul Greene such as 'Before the Fall' and 'It Ain't Easy'. The boys also sing covers often applying their own take on the song. Their music is easy listening music which is acoustic pop/folk. Tim won the Bulcock Busking Festival Youth division in 2011 as part of the Caloundra Music Festival and it was shortly after this that Sam joined him. They have a maturity and passion with their music that is well beyond their years. This is clearly displayed when they perform. All of which is always appreciated and acknowledged by their audiences. Tim and Sam together won the Bulcock Busking Festival Youth Division in 2012 and played in front of thousands of people on the last night of the Caloundra Music Festival in the main Ampitheatre at Kings Beach. They also won this competition in 2013. In addition, they won the Get Noticed Talent Search at the Noosa Jazz Festival (open aged competition) in 2013, and in April 2014, they won the opportunity to perform on the Busking Stage at the Byron Bay Bluesfest. In February 2015 the won the Valentine's Busk in Southbank and performed on the main stage in Southbank before Goyte's band, The Basics that night. They were then booked to perform at Brisbane Festival later in 2015. In April 2015 they won the Byron Bay Bluesfest Busking Comp which saw them perform at Byron Bay Bluesfest and they won the opportunity to perform at the Bluesfest in 2016. hoo8hoo released their first album in December 2014. It is self-titled and is available on iTunes or as a CD which can be purchased through this site (and soon from their website) as well as at performances.
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Funk Majestic

We, Funk Majestic, are a recently formed 4 piece Jazz/Funk/Reggae fusion band consisting of Jack & Lily on vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, Tommy on bass and Dylan on Percussion. We have gathered from all corners of the globe and based ourselves here, on the sunny coast, and there couldn’t be a better place for our sound! We provide a variety of different sense tingling vibes & melodies ranging from breezy soft jazz accents to ‘beachy’ reggae music that is currently massive right here on the coast. We like to spend our days chilling on Alexandra Heads beach, jamming new tracks, adventuring, and hardcore strip ping pong tournaments… typical beach bums! We like to add international sounds to our music, including african and south american drums such as congas, djembe, cajon drum box etc. to mix things up. We hope you like the sound of our vibe, see you there!
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Fieu (pronounced Fee-yu) meaning heat or fire, is the alternate-pop outfit from Brisbane/Sunshine Coast fronted by songstress Emily Brewis. Described as Simply cinematic, rich with perfectly-timed explosions of liberation and inspiration, Fieu's songs are personal and emotional, featuring beautiful embraces of solitude and self-discovery. Since forming the band early 2014, Fieu have released their debut 6-track EP release, gained national radio play and played shows across Australia including supporting bands such as Woodlock, Left, Ayla, Caitlin Park, and Hannah Rosa. September 2014 saw the release of Fieu's debut EP with the title track single Put It On The Line featured on Triple J's Home and Hosed as well as 4ZZZ, Radio Adelaide and other stations around the nation. The song was also awarded Honourary Mention in the US songwriting competition Unsigned Only. Currently back in the studio, Fieu have been continuing to expand on their sound and have some exciting new music in the works to be released later in 2015.
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Dubarray is a live fusion act, which combines electro/funk, ambient/house, Trip-hop and dub music. The act incorporates live instrumentation such as soulful vocals, electric guitar, sax & keys all intertwined in tribal percussion rhythms, didge & ambient electro undertones. DUBARRAY are an act creating waves of momentum both nationally and international with their unique blend of electronic undertones, live instrumentation and dedication to touring at a grassroots level. With major momentum and growing success in Europe, the band is now gaining much sorted attention in the Australian music scene. In 2012 the band released their debut album Ebb & Flow then set off on a massive 6 month tour of Europe which now has created a fan base in countries like Switzerland, Austria, Germany & Netherlands who keep the band in demand. Dubarray have been working hard in Australia also with multiple tours up and down the east coast. In 2013 the band were nominated for 4 Music-OZ awards, which they featured in the top 10 for categories such as Electronica, Alternative & Video. The band were also finalists in the 2015 Queensland Music Awards with their title album track 'Visions Collide'. The bands growing success is now leaking into national radio with Triple J featuring the act on roots & all and not too mention rapid growing support from community radio. This is a band not to miss live as they continue to send audiences around the globe into a sublime state of euphoria.
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Steve Poltz

Steve Poltz is not normal. Over the course of his life he’s met Elvis Presley (who hugged his sister for far too long), trick or treated at Liberace’s house (each finger had a diamond ring), was Bob Hope’s favourite altar boy (according to him), bravely traveled the world busking before he knew how to do it, famously co-wrote “You Were Meant For Me” with Jewel, pissed off David Cassidy and can count some of the world’s coolest people as fans. He’s also an ex high school wrestler (98 pound class), an obsessed baseball fan, a yoga practitioner, a hopeless romantic, a smart-ass philosopher and a child-like adventurer/observer with an absurdist’s view of this crazy world and the various life-forms that inhabit it. He's interested in it all - the big and the small, the sublime and the ridiculous, the terrestrial and the cosmic. He doesn't just love life, he rides it bareback, naked, at a full gallop with one hand clenched deep in its mane and the other waving to anyone watching as he flies by. Time is ticking and he has work to do... As a recording artist, he’s fronted the semi-legendary Rugburns and is responsible for a critically lauded body of work on his own: One Left Shoe, Chinese Vacation, Answering Machine, The Barn (a children's album), Tales From The Tavern (a performance DVD), Traveling, Unraveling, Dreamhouse, Noineen Noiny Noin and most recently the soundtrack for the acclaimed Sundance-screened documentary film, Running Wild - The Life of Dayton O. Hyde. As good as his albums are (and they're very, very good), Steve positively owns a crowd when he's on stage, where the proverbial rubber hits the road. His shows are the stuff of legend – no two are alike – and can take an unsuspecting audience from laughter to tears and back again in the space of a single song. He is a master of improvisational songwriting and works without a set list to be free to react instantly to the mood of a room. It's also worth mentioning that he is an astonishing guitar player on top of everything else. He is quite possibly the most talented, and engaging, solo performer on this planet. That's what 250+ shows a year on three continents will do for you.
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