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Back Alley Cats

Back Alley Cats are a three-piece band from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, who have been described as having a vintage sound with a modern edge. They play a blend of heavy blues and rock with an aggressive, catchy sound! After forming in mid 2013, the band's unique sound has brought them work in clubs and pubs from Noosa to South Brisbane. The end of 2014 saw a shift in focus for the group - from preforming covers to writing and performing original music. This step provided the opportunity to develop their first EP: Faces, which will be released in mid 2015. Back Alley Cats are Job Cran, Dale Berends, and Alex Swinton.
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Battleships’ music tips its hat to the differing influences of the band’s individual members, Jordan, Jonathan, Dan and Nato. Jordan and Jonathan, blending indie rock sensibilities with the aesthetics of Post-Britpop, to create a sound entirely their own. They set out to create music that they enjoy playing, something that they themselves would listen to… and hopefully, something that you would listen to too.
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Abbe May

Electronica/Doom Pop artist, Abbe May, is one of Australia’s most respected songwriters and performers, having released two albums and 2 EP’s in the last 5 years, her album, Design Desire, was shortlisted in the top 5 albums of 2012 by the Australian Music Prize. May has now released latest album “Kiss My Apocalypse” to 4 and 5 Star reviews from Australian and international media. The record Debuted at #1 on the Air album chart, #17 on the Aria Australian album chart, #24 on the iTunes Australian album charts and number 4 on the iTunes alternative charts. A successful release made particularly impressive as it was done independently by Abbe May with help from MGM, SGC Media and Billions Australia. A prolific and powerful artist, May grew up on the coast of Western Australia and continues to base her work there and in Melbourne. She has toured her music extensively both in Australia and internationally. Her live performances are violent, intense and sexual. Many consider Abbe May to be one of Australia’s most versatile and dynamic vocalists. Her catalogue of songs about love and lust would almost be romantic if it weren’t for the vitriol.
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Andy Jans-Brown & COZMIC

Andy Jans-Brown & COZ*MIC are an indie pop rock outfit from the iconic Australian beach town of Byron Bay.
Their song Dressed in a woman۪s clothes۪ made it to number one of the triple j unearthed indie chart, it was also nominated for a Music Oz award (2013) and the filmclip stars 7 time TV Logie award winner Paula Duncan.
Andy۪s music has been described as being uplifting, and in the vein of those classic bands and songwriters from the past who wrote songs you remember the words and want to sing along to. "Just listened to the new album 'Sunshine Avenue' - amazing, you'll be singing along to the title track before its three minutes and 35 seconds have expired. If justice prevails, Jans-Brown should become more familiar with the world's music consumers.4.5 out of 5 for me." - Geoff Helisma from The Clarence Valley Review
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You know that moment that was a great idea at the time, and then becomes a brilliant one? Thats Bearfoot._A collaboration of like-minded musicians, Bearfoot emerged from a few jams at open mic nights, to quickly gain a reputation as a bunch of lads with catchy roots/reggae tunes, often jamming out the songs that go off into ska or dub tangents. Bearfoot by name, barefoot on stage. Tasty roots/reggae tunes from a bunch of musically-talented dudes.
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Xavier Rudd & the United Nations

Enthralling his devoted fans, Xavier Rudd kicked off 2015 by unveiling his long-awaited dream project; a full-blown dub record, backed by a eight-piece international all-star band. Supporting lead single Come People, Xavier Rudd & The United Nations embarked on a sold-out national tour in March that took them to packed theatres in every capital city. As the year has progressed, Xavier Rudd & The United Nations have become a global force. Nanna has received rave reviews, and The United Nations are consistently proving themselves to be one of the best live bands in the world. Spending April and May in North America, the band have been met with even more sold-out shows abroad, with New York, Toronto and Montreal all hitting capacity. Across the Atlantic, Xavier Rudd & The United Nations will spend June and July on a European tour, performing for fans in 16 cities across seven countries, before heading back to Australia for the Flag Tour. An incredible itinerary. With 35 dates across all states (including performances at the Darwin Festival and Caloundra Music Festival) the Flag Tour is not just regional Australia's first up-close introduction to Xavier Rudd & The United Nations, but also the largest regional tour Xavier has undertaken since his 2012 gold-selling masterpiece, Spirit Bird. For his first full band, and the most dynamic album of his career, it's not surprising that Xavier Rudd wants to take The United Nations to every town in Australia. “In a time when Australia is digging deep, marching together and standing strong for our threatened communities in the Northwest and simply the long awaited need for positive change for reconciliation in our country, I feel the spirit of this band is very important. This album, this tour, this family, The United Nations is an example energetically & spiritually of where we need to be as a nation. We will be touring regional places in Australia; some we’ve never been to, some we haven’t been for a long time, in order to deliver this message and celebrate the energy of one people with our fellow Australians. Its time to Boogie!”- Xavier Rudd Described by Rolling Stone as a “beautiful celebration of a global sound”, Nanna is an amazingly uplifting listen. Mixed by the legendary Errol Brown, Flag is the perfect representation of this sound, and indeed the spirit within Xavier Rudd & The United Nations: it is a passionate call to unite, wrapped in pure Tuff Gong authenticity. The perfect song to take to the people.
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Andrea Kirwin

Andrea Kirwin is a singer-songwriter that hails from Townsville, QLD. The daughter of a Fijian Church Minister, Andrea’s earliest musical memories was sitting around having Family church with her siblings singing in three part harmonies. In the late 90’s Andrea discovered her older brother’s 90s r&b and hip hop cd collection and utilized her classical piano lessons by teaching herself how to sing and play along to songs that she loved. But it wasn’t until attending University in Canberra at 21 years of age that Andrea received the gift of a guitar from a friend and thought she’d give songwriting a go. She formed ‘The Andi and George Band’, with a friend (George) and released 4 Albums, performing around Canberra regularly and playing at Folk Festivals, Australia-wide. In 2009 Andrea embarked on her solo career and picked up a job songwriting at a local music school in Bega, NSW where she lived from 2009 – 2012. Andrea continued to perform at Festivals under her own name with a band of friends. In 2012 Andrea made the move with her family to the Sunshine Coast and things started to really take off. She recorded her debut Album, ‘From the Ground Up’, which she released on her own independent record label ‘Peace Run Records’. The album draws on her gospel roots, hiphop teen years and folk and reggae influences from her days with the Andi and George Band in Canberra. Over 1500 copies of the debut Album have been sold in 2 years. Andrea’s folk-infused chilled island style has found it’s home in the musical community on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Her second Album, ‘The Story of Us’, is set for release on Friday 2 October, 2015 and will be another beautifully crafted Album. It can best be described as a sweet blend of Hip-hop, Reggae and Soul with an Island Style Roll. Andrea and her band will be touring Australia-wide from October to December 2015.
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