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Hayden Hack Trio

HH3 also known as the Hayden Hack Trio is a journey into the outer depths of creativity, the mind and your molecular stratosphere. Spontaneously aroused sounds whilst you watch, Excite your neural networks, dance, laugh, jump, spin and connect. 3 souls combining their…

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Black Rabbit George

Black Rabbit George is a new incarnation for Tijuana Cartel's guitarist/singer/songwriter Paul George. It's an opportunity for Paul to further explore the acoustic guitar that is at the heart of Tijuana Cartel and to pursue his long-time interest in folk and roots music. From…

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Daryl Braithwaite

Daryl first found fame as lead singer of Sherbet, a band synonymous with the 70’s and their accomplishments during their long career were many. Between 1971 – 1978 Sherbet produced 20 national top 40 singles and were the first Australian…

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Ukulele Death Squad

The Ukulele Death Squad are pushing the boundaries of the small 4 stringed instrument. Formed by South Australian Musicians Ben Roberts (The Timbers) & Julian Ferguson (The Coconut Kids) after both Ukulele aficionados realised they both had the four-stringed skills…

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The Funaddicts

The Funaddicts are a 2nd wave Ska/Reggae band originally from Brisbane, Australia, who emerged in the mid-80's and quickly gained a solid reputation for enthusiastic Ska gigs around the East coast of Australia. In 1987, the band scored a #1…

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The Ruiins

The Ruiins’ is a collaboration of raw blues and vintage rock enriched by powerful vocals and a touch of character livening each song. The brother-like duo, Adam Dooker and Pat Sugden, hail from the New South Wales Mid North Coast…

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When it was released in 2005, Wolfmother’s eponymous debut was exactly what rock & roll needed: a meaty, beaty, big and bouncy genre resuscitator that not only broke through to the mainstream, but broke big.  Wolfmother was certified Gold in the…

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This summer ILUKA unveils her more soulful side with her EP Blue My Soul. First finding national attention through triple j with the much loved ‘Paper Doll’, then solidified with the polished ‘12th of July’, ILUKA has come of age…

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Drop Legs

Drop Legs music is a laid back sonification of the coastal lifestyle, the free-spirited lifestyle of Bohemian youth. Byron Bay band Drop Legs have attracted a solid following with their energetic live performances fusing of Heavy reggae, ska and coastal Hip Hop. The…

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