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Face Painting

Wild Thyme Face and Body Artists are the crew that help you get in touch with your wild side!  Wearing your heart on your sleeve is the fastest way to manifest your intentions, and we live to help adults and…

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Joy Shops

'Marc the Joyologist- Interactive Entertainer *‘Loves to share the Show Fun with  Fully inclusive & Interactive ' Ocean Care Entertainment Workshop fun  for Children  – Marc delights in bringing and sharing the Brightest Colours and intriguing sounds of his recycled…

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Lime Zest Recycled Threads

Lime Zest Recycled Threads - Local designer Leah Koll uses recycled threads and off cuts from her fashion label to create fun creative workshops for kids.  Leah started her local label Lime Zest Funky Threads in 2008 (before starting a…

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Little Garden Growers

Come be creative and bring out your child's green thumb with the Little Garden Growers Terracotta Pot Planting Activity. Each child gets to decorate a pot with their favourite colours and then plants a seedling to take home and grow!

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Craft with Petit

Play-based learning is now the cornerstone of curriculum at Petit Early Learning Caloundra, following studies that have found the positive impacts of play-based learning on development and literacy. “Children learn best when mentally active, engaged and able to make meaningful…

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Strike & Holy Moly

We have teed up your complete mini golf, bowling, karaoke and bar experience. Whether you're putting your stuff around 18 themed holes, kicking it i a private karaoke room or bouncing between bowls, you'll be able to do it while…

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Kids’ Yoga

Yoga is an activity with countless benefits for children, but the main focus is to nurture a strong and healthy body and a calm and contented mind. But our kids yoga classes are not just about quieting the monkey mind!…

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TurtleCare and BushCare Sunshine Coast

Since their ancient ancestors took their first evolutionary step into the oceans, sea turtles have been returning to the land to lay their eggs on beaches around the world. While this strategy has served them well for over 100 million…

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Ginger Soccer

Ginger Sport FUN SOCCER will be attending the Caloundra Music Festival to provide exciting themed soccer activities for all the boys & girls! With 10 years experience delivering FUN soccer games and activities, the children will laugh loud whilst benefiting…

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