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1. How many years have you attended CMF:

Four Fabulously Fun-Filled Fiestas!

2. Describe your role at CMF:

I’m the MC Manager, which means I look after the team that is the public face of the festival on stage. My team is responsible creating that first link between the groovers and the artists, for welcoming the artists into the performance spaces that have been created for them, and for expressing the gratitude and love that the audience and the festival feels at the end of their set. So, my job its really just about passing great energy around!

3. What are your two must-see artists this year at CMF?

Two? Seriously?

Erica Falls, because I’m convinced she’ll be the artist everybody will come away from CMF this year saying they are her newest, biggest fan and with a handful of her CDs, and Paul Dempsey for the twenty-year love affair I’ve been carrying on with his mind, quite unbeknownst to him!

4. If you could travel back in time to any CMF event, which year and why?

The first, because I can’t believe I missed it!

5. What’s your favourite aspect of CMF every year?

Easily, the atmosphere. I love my job and I’m surrounded by people who love theirs, even in the heat of a crisis or in the early-morning hours, and I believe you can feel that in every aspect the festival.

6. Describe CMF in a song title . . .

Song Name: Manifesto

Artist: The Cat Empire

7. Describe CMF in one hyperbolic hashtag . . .


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