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1. How many years have you attended CMF:Alistair Gillett

Haven’t missed one

2. Describe your role at CMF:

Originally Richie asked me to throw a couple of leads around and put lights in the bar.  It has progressed a little since then to looking after power for 5 Stages, multiple generators and food vendors. Generally anything to do with power!

3. What are your two must-see artists this year at CMF?

a) Michael Franti – watched him at Woodford last year and I can recommend he’s not one to miss on the weekend

b) Thirsty Merc – they have been before, put on a good show and they’re Aussie!

4. If you could travel back in time to any CMF event, which year and why?

2010 – it was a little windy that year but with Powderfinger headlining I think most people remember that one and it’s the most talked about!

5. What’s your favourite aspect of CMF every year?

It’s a great team environment.  I’ve met lots of people who have become great friends and event contacts as well.  From my beginnings with the Caloundra Music Festival, it has helped me travel Australia and the world doing events.

6. Describe CMF in a song title . . .

Song Name: Look on the bright side of life

Artist: Monty Python

7. Describe CMF in one hyperbolic hashtag . . .


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