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1. How many years have you attended CMF:Elisha Dibben

10th one this year!

2. Describe your role at CMF:

My primary role is Volunteer Manager!  I also manage Funky Forest, Vendors and a bunch of the other event admin stuff that happens behind the scenes.

3. What are your two must-see artists this year at CMF?

Ooh… just picking 2 is a challenge but I will go Guy Sebastian – I think that his voice is amazing and I love the new direction his music is going in, the other is George & Noriko – I missed these guys last year and heard so many good things about them that I cannot miss them again!

4. If you could travel back in time to any CMF event, which year and why?

2014…  The vibe amongst the whole team was absolutely AMAZING that year!  One of my highlights was the Vollies clapping everyone out on the Saturday night!  I also will never forget when Jungle Giants were playing on the Surf Stage and watching from above on the Balcony at Shearwater, the whole crowd was pulsing and it was incredible!!

5. What’s your favourite aspect of CMF every year?

The vollies!!  We are so lucky and I am always so impressed with the quality team that signs up each year!  We have people that travel far and wide to come make the magic happen!  The vollies bring so much fun and are the key element that makes this festival so unique!

6. Describe CMF in a song title . . .

Song Name: Sand on the Beach

Artist: Cheap Fakes

7. Describe CMF in one hyperbolic hashtag . . .


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