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Daryl Braithwaite

Daryl Braithwaite

It would be hard to find a voice that captures the mood of a song more perfectly than this one. It's the voice that soars with inspiration, soul and warmth.  The voice of course belongs to Australian singer Daryl Braithwaite.  In a distinguished career spanning more than 35 years Daryl Braithwaite is one of Australia's award winning premier performers.  His initial success as a singer came with Sherbet, a band which will forever remain in the history books of Australian music.  Daryl then returned to the Australian music scene in a very big way as a solo performer, producing two incredibly successful albums and touring extensively throughout the country.  Daryl continues to be in great demand as a live performer, and those of you who witnessed his performance last year at the CMF will know that his show is a must see!

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