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DRAPHT is currently writing and recording in LA (April 2017).

Ladies and Gentleman, may we introduce to you a man who needs no introduction, from the West Coast of Australia, wordsmith, re-arranger, perfectionist …. DRAPHT

Drapht has been one of the leading hip hop authorities in Australia since his debut single, Jimmy Recard made it into the top 10 of triple J’s Hottest 100. In 2011, the Perth MC released his fourth album, The Life Of Riley, which went on to receive a staggering seven ARIA nominations, including a win for Best Urban Album.
Drapht (A.K.A Paul Reid) has got bars that pack a punch and an immediately identifiable flow, both of which are evident in his latest offering, All Love, taken from his forthcoming album Seven Mirrors, due out mid 2016. All Love s an embodiment of Drapht’s identity as an artist. A high energy, feel-good song that is, as the title would suggest, all about love. In true Drapht fashion, the track showcases his honesty and ability to pen a hook. The song starts out strong with Drapht’s unmistakable vocal paired with an upbeat flute and 4 to the floor beat. The song continues to build with an infectious melody supported by a few members of the brass family to drive it home.

Drapht has accompanied the release of the single with a new music video. The clip is an animation of a series of different illustrations done by the same artist
who did the packshot for the track. In true Drapht fashion, All Loveis another step forward for the artist who has consistently been releasing strong singles since his debut. Getting added to triple J rotation, Drapht has the support from fans nation-wide and this is just a taste of what to expect from the upcoming album. You can look forward to hearing more anthems like All Lovesoon as well as some noteworthy collaborations.

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