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Eco Beats

Eco Beats

EcoBeats founder Nicola Ossher, has been drumming for over 20 years and has taught drums to a wide variety of people, young and old, in that time as well as performed in many groups all across Australia. Predominantly a jazz drummer, Nicola has versatility across many other genres including soul, funk, r’n’b, blues, gospel, folk, Latin, pop, rock and world music. As someone passionate about the environment, Nicola created the environmentally-friendly bucket drumming group EcoBeats where all materials are 100% recycled.

For the past 5 years Nicola ran music therapy and drumming workshops at schools around Sydney and is now running EcoBeats workshops at schools, festivals and events around QLD and NSW. The workshops are interactive, with drums provided for all, and cover a range of drumming including basic technique, drum rudiments and exploring rhythms and beats. No prior skill level is required.

Funky Forest workshop: Saturday 5 Oct

Sun Stage Workshop: Sunday 6 Oct

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