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Fight Ibis

Fight Ibis

“You wouldn’t know if the fluorescent garage stoner grooves had infiltrated your mind or if the swing of the warm Jazz Rock had taken a hold of your standing feet, lifting you off like a fiery pollen hurricane of groove.”

Sunshine Coast genre benders Fight Ibis, fresh off a main stage appearance at last month’s sold out Big Pineapple Music Festival, have regrouped after a brief writing gap to release latest single 6 Nickel Rocket, announcing a short run of launch dates to showcase new material.

Triple J Unearthed Winner and then Triple J Feature Artist, the band have had quite the introduction to the national scene, popping up on industry radars everywhere over the last couple of years with six from six tracks featured on Triple J radio.

“Won me over pretty easily.” – Richard Kingsmill JJJ


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