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Forrest Run

Forrest Run

A trip to Brisbane’s northern Hinterland hills – to Malaneys’ ‘Bird World’ – is what created ‘Forrest Run’.

Consisting of hip-hop producer Judah Winnett, electronic folk instrumentalist Jayke Barnes and indie pop vocalist Ayla (heard on triple j under her own project), ‘Forrest Run’ are bringing the best of their worlds together, in an exciting new project.

Jayke Barnes was working amidst the macaws and other colourfully feathered creatures, all the while making music on the side – and dreaming of pursuing it further. A team up of Jayke’s instrumental folk style, with hip-hop producer Judah Winnet, saw an unlikely union, blend into the perfection concoction – a sound that they had both been searching for. All that was missing now, were vocals on top.

Ayla has been releasing music under her own project since 2014, a year that saw her debut single ‘Wish I Was’ come in as the 15th most played song on triple j. She’s had radio success ever since, and, one afternoon in the aviary up in the hills, a connection was made that would lead her to become the missing ingredient to complete: ‘Forrest Run’.

The trio spent 2018 refining a live set, and turning their best five tracks into a debut EP, with the help of renowned producer Tim Carr (Matt Corby, Urthboy, Le Pie and many more). Their debut single ‘All We Needed’ was released in February and quickly landed itself on rotation on triple j unearthed radio, with reviews from triple j presenters including:
“It’s pretty stuff all round here. The smart production twists, Ayla’s flawless vocal and the sense of everyday drama is great.” – Declan Byrne.




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