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Freak Morice

Freak Morice

Meet the winners of the 2010 Original Selection competition!

If you think there's nothing fresh and new out there when it comes to musical families, you clearly haven’t seen and heard FREAK MORICE.

With an average age of just 13 years and the youngest member only 11, the award winning band is fast emerging as one of Queensland’s most exciting creative units.

Led by singer, guitarist and principal songwriter Kahlia Ferguson (16), the band is not content to follow the time worn covers circuit. This is a band committed to finding its own voice and sound through its own songs. Each of the 30 they’ve written so far shows a sense of maturity and talent far beyond their years.

Alongside Kahlia, the band features the brother-sister combination of lead guitarist Daniel Ferguson (15), drummer Joel (13), bassist Nathan (12), and Shani (11) on keyboards. Not just superb individual players, they also possess the rare talent of hitting and holding some truly impressive five-part harmonies.

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