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Free Like Me

Free Like Me

Free Like Me is a 6 piece band led by singer-songwriters, multi-instrumentalist's, producer's, Lucy Gallant & Daniel Urbina. Lucy is from Australia and Daniel is from Venezuela South America. Their music is a blend of different genres and is intermingled with powerful lyrics, in English and Spanish, inspired by their extensive travels and exposure to different cultures. Lucy's Voice is powerfully complemented by Daniel's Latin flavoured lead guitar playing. 
Throughout their world travels Free Like Me has been able to establish an international following by using their music to represent the essence of the people and beauty of the places they’ve encountered along their way. Free Like Me has been described as defining the era of "Happiness Music", causing multiple episodes of ecstatic joy, rampages of gratitude, and flare ups of freedom and unity. They also show a strong sensitivity to the socio-political circumstances of the world we live in. When listening to any of their songs Free Like Me has a unique way of calling the masses to take action, to pursue their dreams, and become part of their musical universe!

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