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From astronauts to juggernauts Hemingway have been fearless with their sonic adventure since launching in 2015.

Dubbed as Queensland’s favourite psychedelic cadets, 2017 saw Hemingway have a year of exponential growth. Hemingway took to bigger stages, bigger audiences and played to 10,000 strong festival crowds. Their driving force? To win your mum’s heart.

The band are no strangers to touring hard, with international runs already under their belt, last year saw Hemingway headline numerous release tours to their favourite East Coast haunts and demand attention at local and interstate festivals. (Jungle Love, Shaka Fest, Bohemian Beat Freaks, Stones Corner, Double Baked, Rabbits Eat Lettuce and more). The band featured as national support for international dub-reggae sensations Knights Of The Dub Table on their Australian tour and played alongside musical greats (Regurgitator, Ash Grunwald and more).

2018 has seen Hemingway lock themselves away in a home studio, tediously perfecting their forthcoming EP, Mystic Kingdom. Only seeing the light of day for festivals Rabbits Eat Lettuce, Double Baked and a handful of bigger shows that they knew your Mum would be attending.

Hemingway have no intention on slowing down anytime soon as the masses continue to gravitate towards their music. Introducing live percussion and a new band member to their performance, further complimenting their already delicious groove. Hemingway will now round out the rest of this year launching their 6 track EP Mystic Kingdom supported by two national tours, festivals and the goal to tour Japan early in 2019.

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