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Ian Moss

Ian Moss

Ian Moss, six string extraordinaire, singer/songwriter and co-founding member of one of the greatest Australian rock bands in history, Cold Chisel, never dreamed he would be spending quite a bit of time doing acoustic.

His reputation was carved from the blood, sweat and tears of his electric work but as fate would have it, 'Mossy' changed his mind and slowed things down.  He found the 'nerve' to unplug and that's bloody well our good fortune.  We can now savour the best of both worlds – cherish the fast, furious and sublime that is forever etched on our eardrums from days gone by and embrace the sweet calm after the storm of the here and now.  Never has there been a more intriguing and satisfying fusion of rock, soul, jazz and blues and it's all delivered in Mossy's trademark laid-back style.

Let's all get together, folks, it's time to join Mossy and indulge in the next  chapter of what is a fascinating musical carer.

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