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One of the most iconic Australian bands ever ICEHOUSE was formed by Iva Davies, the front man and musical creative force, that lead the band to an amazing 28 platinum albums, eight top 10 albums and over thirty Top 40 singles.

ICEHOUSE performed their first overseas tour and released their second album, PRIMITIVE MAN, which surpassed the success of their debut album. It was this album that produced the anthem for Australians, Great Southern Land, which made it into the Top 5.

Whilst touring the band seized different opportunities that arose including Iva, who travelled to Tokyo in 1984 to write the song, Walking to the Beat, for the Yellow Magic Orchestra star, Yukihiro Takahashi. Two months later, Iva returned to Japan to tour as a member of superband, drawn from all over the world by Takahashi.

ICEHOUSE’s success continued with the album, MAN OF COLOURS which contained the hit singles Crazy and Electric Blue that topped both the US airplay and sales charts. This album became the highest local selling album by an Australian group ever. For MAN OF COLOURS Iva himself created the artwork of a man clasping a bunch of coloured flowers by investing in a box of 5 crayons (which he still has till this day) and a black felt pen.

ICEHOUSE and Iva Davies have won many awards including the Countdown Award for the Most Popular Male Performer, an ARIA award for the Best Album for Man of Colours, an ARIA for Highest Selling Album for Man of Colours, and an ARIA Award for The Ghost of Time in 2000. The band was inducted in the ARIA Hall of Fame in 2006.

In recent years Iva Davies has maintained a presence in the Australian media with appearances in a variety of music & entertainment, TV and radio shows, and in interviews and featured press articles. 2011 and into 2012 saw Iva Davies and ICEHOUSE headline a number of major music festivals in Australia and New Zealand including Homebake and the Breath Of Life Festival, which brought him more prime time media appearances including a number of on-air live performances. This coincided with the highly successful special release of the ICEHOUSE WHITE HEAT greatest hits CD & DVD which sold to Gold levels in just 2 weeks.


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