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Jeff Lang

Jeff Lang

Australian based musician Jeff Lang has earned worldwide acclaim as a virtuosic guitarist, a dynamic songwriter and a startlingly unique live performer. Blending rock, roots, folk, blues, ballads, instrumentals, improvisation and a devastatingly high level of musicality, Jeff Lang is a singularly unique performer in our world.

Lang has built up a devoted almost cult-like following with his live performances. Working without a set list, allowing the unique energy in each night to shape the songs and taking the audience along for his ride has made Jeff Lang’s live shows an unforgettable experience for those who witness them.

It’s been widely acknowledged that Jeff Lang is an extraordinarily individual musician. What enhances his unique nature is his steadfast adherence to a prolific and diverse musical palette and output. A songwriter, a collaborator, a virtuosic guitarist and a stunning lyricist; Jeff Lang crafts songs as novellas… rich with depth and vision, yet with an open breath for individual interpretation.

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