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Soulful, dynamic, sensuous, unforgettable. Sydney vocal band Kaya comprises vocalists, composers, writers and arrangers; Alexandra Kaye, Juleiaah Boehm, Sally Stevens and Emma Deans.  In July 2007, the band announced the debut of their independently released single, Somebody's Lyin which was quickly added to Nova100's playlist.  Drawing on world vocal traditions, jazz, soul, blues, pop, folk and contemporary sound-scape, Kaya creates an unique urban mystique, that is lyrically and melodically compelling – if not a little cheeky and sensuous as well.  Kaya's accomplished musicianship allows them to perform acappella in four-part harmony, or with instruments, beatbox and/or with a band, but always barefoot!  With over 150 shows since their debut at The Vanguard (Sydney) in July 2005, Kaya has been touring extensively around the country, performing at such festivals as Woodford 2005 and 2006, Blue Mountains Music Festival, Thredbo Blues Festival and more.

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