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Kev Carmody

Kev Carmody

Respected in his native Australia almost to the point of reverence – this singer-songwriter combines a repertoire of bluntly eloquent protest songs and sparse, lyrical ballads with breathtaking guitar technique and a warmly down-to-earth manner. His lived-in, grit-edged voice and understated yet intensely felt delivery are frequently reminiscent of Tom Waits or a Steve Earle – but they cannot play the didgeridoo like he does, generating an extraordinary array of evocative sounds and textures in a kind of mini- beginners' guide to the age-old termite- hollowed tube.

Kev has an extraordinary ability to communicate with everyone. In his own Cultural tradition of Lama Lama and Bundjalung, he is an elder statesman. When he is not working on his patch of dirt, he is commenting on current issues, or writing short stories or crafting a piece of music. Kev’s perspective covers everything from the ecology, politics, history, philosophy, theology, ideology, community and cultural development, future dreaming, planning and of course his 60 000 year old living Culture.

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