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To the casual observer Sydney singer-songwriter Lior emerged from nowhere back in 2005 with his stunning debut album Autumn Flow, but as is often the case with these matters this couldn't be further from the truth. It was in fact the culmination of years of hard work by Lior, time spent honing both his songwriting and delivery down to the record that eventually captured hearts and minds all over the country.  Autumn Flow perfectly showcased Lior's rich voice and enchanting musical arrangements, as well as subtly reflecting his Middle Eastern heritage – in time became one of the most successful independent debuts in Australian history, garnering Lior three ARIA nominations and a swag of other awards.  Lior’s laid-back charm and charisma shines through his live show.  He is a musician whose music gives more than it takes, offering a spiritually enriching experience for all involved and a reminder of a time when the music came first, and everything else was secondary…

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