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Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly

From very early on in his career, Paul Kelly has been recognised as one of the most significant singer/ songwriters in the country.

Hopeful songs. Angry songs. Songs of love: lost, found, lusted after, hoped for. Songs of regret.  Bluegrass songs. A song based on lines from the Old Testament. Howling rock songs. One about Ned Kelly that might have been written 100 years ago. An instrumental surf song. One about the greatest Australian bowler of them all, to go with the one about the greatest cricketer of them all. Songs to play by the campfire, to dance to at parties. Songs to play at births, weddings, funerals, and all the times between.

It's all there in the songs of Paul Kelly.
Imagine a new visitor to Australia looking to get a flavour of the country and its people. The perfect place to start is with the music of one of the world's great songwriters, the man who has chronicled our country's beauty and scars and desires as well as the personal insights which know no borders in an extraordinary songwriting career that now spans more than 30 years.
In 1997, Kelly released the Songs from the South, a dazzling collection assembling songs that had already lodged deep in the Australian soundtrack, from Before Too Long and  From St Kilda to King Cross to When I First Met Your Ma, To Her Door and How to Make Gravy.
Now comes Songs from the South Vol 2, a new 20-track collection which dips into the past 10 years of Kelly's life. Remarkably for a songwriter going from his early 40s to his early 50s, this period has been just as creative and even more adventurous than the first.
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