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Sometimes you can just tell the artists that grew up on the coast. Their music and their lyrics all seem to reflect the smoothness of the sea breeze, or the relaxed pace of coastal life, transporting the listener from wherever they are to wherever they would rather be. A native of the Sunshine Coast hub of Noosa, Pete’s summery blend of effortlessly cool vocals and hypnotic, swaying rhythms are the musical epitome of the paradise he grew up in.

Perfectly described by Sea FM for its “smooth Sunday arvo feel”, Pete Allan’s music matches his lifestyle – a blend of coastal warmth and down-to-earth honesty. This meeting of music and ocean is not a new thing for Pete (who has seen several of his songs end up on surf movies) but it has in recent years taken a very literal twist. As seen in Pete’s Summertime clip, he has taken to riding guitars like they are bodyboards, gaining the attention of GoPro and Inertia surf magazine, and delighting the internet. Pete Allan, it would seem, is the embodiment of an entirely new definition of surf music.

But it is his work on-shore, as an artist, that defines him, capturing stories and subjects that make you think, and packaging them in cool catchy tunes for all to enjoy! Just like his famous namesake (Peter Allen), Pete is destined to etch a place in our hearts. Keep one eye, and both ears on Pete Allan.


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