RFID Refunds have now closed

Wristband ‘Tap and Go’ for super-fast service!
This year all purchases at the bars, merchandise booths and customer service will be through your RFID wristband. Pretty smart wristband right?

There are a few ways you can do this:
Using a debit/credit card or cash at the festival at one of the two top up booths situated within the festival site For express service, you can purchase your ‘Top-Up’  vouchers online when purchasing your tickets through our website If you have already purchased your tickets, ‘Top-Up’ vouchers are available as a separate purchase through our website.

That’s right, get super organised and pre-pay your ‘Top-Up’ on your wristband before you get to the festival! You will be issued with a voucher (similar to your ticket), simply take this to one of the Top-Up booths at the festival to load your wristband!

ALL bars, merchandise booths and customer service purchasing can only be done through your RFID wristband.

Selected Food Vendors will offer this cashless system but will still utilise cash & Eftpos. Not all Food Vendors are going cashless so we will have two ATMs situated on the festival site.

See the festival MAP for Top-Up Booth locations.

What if I don’t spend all of the money I put on my wristband?
Don’t worry! You can have any remaining credit refunded. The easiest way to refund is online after the festival, refunds will be available online for 7 days. You can also visit a Top-Up booth at the end of the day for a refund or for more information.  **NB There is a $2.50 online refund fee**

Caloundra Music Festival RFID Wristband – Terms and Conditions

1. Agreeing to these terms and conditions
1.1 These terms and conditions apply to each RFID Wristband
(a) to be bound by these terms and conditions and all applicable laws and regulations; and
(b) not to use the RFID Wristband in any way that is unlawful, misleading, deceptive, unfair or causes detriment to any other person.
2. Adding Funds to your RFID Wristband
2.1 During the Festival you are able to add funds to your RFID Wristband from the allocated ‘Top Up’ booth locations on site at the Caloundra Music Festival and pre-loaded with the amount chosen by the purchaser to be paid at the time of purchase.
2.2.Pre Purchasing Funds is also available through the Caloundra Music Festival Website.
3. Using your CMF RFID Wristband
3.1 Your CMF RFID Wristband currency is redeemable ONLY at Caloundra Music Festival Bars, Customer Service, Merchandise outlets and some food vendors for the Festival Weekend (only selected food vendors will be accepting RFID payments)
3.2 When you buy goods using your CMF RFID wristband the value remaining on the card will be reduced by the price of the goods bought with the wristband.
3.4 Where the price of goods you want to buy exceeds the balance on your CMF RFID Wristband, you will be required to Top Up before you can purchase goods
3.5 Your CMF RFID Wristband cannot be redeemed for cash.
3.6 You cannot obtain any cash advance with your CMF RFID Wristband
3.7 You cannot cancel your CMF RFID Wristband. Your Wristband will be automatically cancelled by Caloundra Music Festival on 11 October 2017 Any balance remaining on your wristband can be refunded at the top up locations onsite at the festival or online* by Wednesday October 11th. You must keep your wristband to obtain a refund online or at the festival.
* note there is a $2.50 charge for online refunds
5. Re-loading
5.1 You may re-load credit to your CMF RFID Wristband at any stage during the Caloundra Music Festival whilst the allocated Top Up locations are open.
7. Damaged, lost or stolen CMF Wristbands
7.1 The Caloundra Music Festival Management accepts no responsibility for the loss, theft or destruction of a CMF RFID Wristband and has no obligation to replace or refund value for lost, stolen or damaged CMF RFID Wristbands
7.2 The Caloundra Music Festival may prevent further use of your CMF RFID Wristband if the Caloundra Music Festival personnel believes or has reason to suspect that you have used (or will use) it in such a way that is in breach of these terms and conditions.
8. Liability
8.1 You are liable for all transactions with your CMF RFID Wristband
9. Appropriate use of CMF RFID Wristbands
9.1 RFID Wristbands may be used only for purchasing goods at the Caloundra Music Festival.
9.2 Use of the CMF name or brands (other than in connection with your use of CMF RFID Wristband), is strictly prohibited.
9.3 You must not use a CMF RFID Wristband in any way that states or implies that any person, website, business or product or service is endorsed or sponsored by the CMF.

Caloundra Music Festival RFID REFUND POLICY
Online & On-site Top-ups – Leftover funds on your account that were purchased online, or onsite using cash, credit or debit can be redeemed online after the festival from Wednesday 4th through to Wednesday 11th October 2017 OR onsite at the festival from one of the two (2) top up locations. NOTE: Online refunds incur a $2.50 fee.
NOTE: You must keep your wristband after the event to register for a refund online.