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Richard Perso

Richard Perso

Richard Perso has developed his own delivery blending multiple genres and fused these into a folky rocking roots and blues with didgeridoos with blues rock including didgeridoos establishing a whole new wall of sound. Perso doesn’t seem to have enough arms, legs or lungs to pull off such a physically demanding performance but that doesn’t stop him from playing 3 didgeridoos, driving a weapons cache of 4 overdriven acoustic guitars and somehow managing to replace the roll of a drummer with little more than his 2 feet.

Generating a wall of sound with instruments and vocals that will rumble the stage, Perso’s reputation is soaring. This accidental musician from when a lady a church gave him a beaten up old guitar to suddenly find his niche in life. Having played his first festival at 15, launched into the Adelaide International Guitar Festival as one of the 4 hot young guitarists and National and Woodford by 17. By 18 he added New York and Canada. And has been back to New York to record his second album and 2 Canadian tours in 2013. Now with over 130 festivals and constant touring, life is becoming a kaleidoscope of music and wild audiences.

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