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Rob Sawyer

Rob Sawyer

Feast on some; one drop reggae vibration that tickles your body’s subconscious dance movements.  Mix it with a bit of grit and adolescent energy driven musical exploration.  Add in a dash of sunny afternoon front porch finger-style acoustic relaxation, and you may just find a taste of what Rob Sawyer is about.   At the age of 20 he’s toured all over the country with well known international acts, as well as home grown national touring greats.  Explored and spread his music on solo tours of Europe, hit the Aussie festival scene and partied like never before, released two successful EP's and an album,  started his own record label, ‘Treehouse Records’ as well as finding a comfy home in the back of his beat up touring van, meeting the most amazing people across the land, doing what he loves, and having a bloody good time!!

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