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Siskin River

Siskin River

A compact duo with big sound, Siskin River deliver an original style of bluesy folk, with a stomping groove factor, delectable riffs, fast fingers, and evocative lyrics. With Tullaras unique style of percussive guitar tapping, and Shalanes rich, earthy vocals, these sisters redefine the term 'Sibling Rivalry'

With their unique sound and striking live performances, Siskin River have been winning over audiences since they first hit the road in December 2011. During sixteen months of non-stop touring, sisters Shalane and Tullara Connors have taken 'Cabin Fever' to brave new heights travelling State and Territory and living out the back of their trusty station-wagon “The Siskimobile”. Now, having featured at innumerable festivals around Australia (including Woodford, Port Fairy, Nannup, Palm Creek, and Festival of The Sun to name but a few), the pair are set to once again embark across Australia to promote the release of a new EP, followed by a debut album later in 2013.

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