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A series of coincidences and happy accidents caused Sunshine Coast based funk, blues and rock band, Soula, to form in late 2011.  The five members, having been involved with each other in various musical formats as well as being school friends, found themselves thrown together to perform on less than a week’s notice at a small community music festival.  From this very modest beginning, they quickly developed a seamless mix of edgy riffs and melodic funk/rock.  Their attention to detail and emphasis on bringing back the lost art of real music has turned them into one of the best live music groups on the Sunshine Coast.

The sultry vocals of Teila Packman provide the jewel in the crown for the group’s soulful performances.  As a child, Teila’s father noticed her strong vocals whilst singing along to the radio.  This moment was the start of a life-long passion.  “Singing is the ultimate expression of who I am,” explains Teila.  “I want to fill every day of my life with it.”

This passion for their music and instruments is a hallmark of the entire band’s approach to their sound.  Bolstered by crisp guitars, catchy beats and the irreplaceable sounds of sexy saxophone, Soula brings back the art of melt-in-your-mouth, genuine music.  No matter the venue, Soula are poised to get everyone dancing to their electrifyingly cool, ear-loving brand of funk/rock audio candy.!/SoulaBand

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